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Financial Analytics

CFO’s and analysts spend a major chunk of time collecting and validating balance sheets rather than spending time performing valuable analysis. Financial forecasts and reports require labor intensive efforts and the data obtained therein is outdated a short time after they are created. A solution that provides you financial analysis, allowing you access to up-to-date reports is a must. As an organization, it is essential to anticipate, monitor and mold the impact of your financial decisions. Financial analytics is essential to accurately map your organization's financial value proposition and optimize business performance.

Our Financial Analytics solution integrates critical internal and external data from across the enterprise value chain and transforms it into actionable intelligence leading to improved business performance. This provides organizations with better visibility into the factors that drive revenues, costs, and shareholder value. It enables better insight into the general ledger, allows other functional units to understand product or customer profitability, provides visibility into performance against budget, and key areas of an organization.

Within this mature market we offer scalability, repeatability and measurable results. Cyret’s Financial Analytics solution provides secure operating conditions and a flexible engagement model with the ability to create forward-looking solutions. Financial Analytics provides financial decision-makers with the right tool to develop, manage, and measure corporate strategies. It enables the mapping of solutions to distinctive business problems.
At Cyret, we combine analytics, data and technology to provide solutions that help our clients make better business decisions. Our solutions support:

  • Identification of data sources that add business value
  • Estimation of forward looking performance and risk relationships
  • Valuation of products and risk-reward improvements
  • Identification of customer needs and price sensitivity
  • Multi-channel customer insights and marketing
  • Effective distribution network and sales force compensation
  • Informed sales force workflows
  • Opportunistic client-centric sales and service recommendations
  • Profitable allocation of capital based on accurate risk prediction
  • Improved Planning and Budgeting
  • Smoother financial operations
  • Optimum utilization of funds
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Statutory Reporting
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